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‹‹D-Con 2001-2002   Flash  Waldo  Bluegrasshopper

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Uncle Wayne

We met Waldo near Hawk Mtn. Shelter. He was finishing his SOBO thru hike that day. A nice young man who told my wife he was craving a double cheeseburger with the works. Best of luck to you Waldo, congrats on your sucessful hike.

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  1. #1 waldo
    Damn he is hot!
  2. #2 Rain Man
    Lilredmg and I had the pleasure of waking Waldo up so he could unlock the door and let us into the Walasi-Yi Hostel for the night of Novemer 6, 2003. Sorry 'bout that Waldo! Yes, Waldo was a great young man (as we older folks say). I got a pic of him and me the next morning before he headed south and we headed north.