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    Default 2014 2,000-milers

    We just updated the Class of 2014 2,000-miler listing on our website at appalachiantrail.org/about-the-trail/2000-milers/2000-milers-listing/2014.

    It includes names of those whose reports we received through about November 15.

    ATC maintains the official registry of 2,000-milers, which goes back to 1936 to include trail-builder Myron Avery (who completed the A.T. before it was officially announced complete.)

    If you have completed the A.T. but have not reported it to ATC, you can download an application form at appalachiantrail.org/ATcompletion.

    If there is an error in your listing, please send corrections to [email protected]. We update the website listing of the most recent year(s) a few times a year. Older years don't get updated as often.

    Our annual listing is also published in ATC's member magazine, A.T. Journeys. In recent years it has been in the March/April issue. In 2015, we will have just 4 issues, so it will be in the spring issue. The list will include the names (and trail names) of those who have submitted applications in the 12-month period ending December 31. (A thru-hike does not have to be completed in a calendar year, though).

    Laurie P.

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    Laurie, do you know how many 2000 miler applications have come in so far this year? I seem to remember you telling me back in October that the total might reach 1000 this year.

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    I enjoy seeing a lot of familiar names on that list. I also equally enjoy not seeing some names that I personally hiked and finished with. I'm also guilty of not reporting my successful thru-hike. Whoops!
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    Darn, I didn't get my 2,000-miler app notice in yet. Oh well, guess I'll be listed in the 2016 edition! Congrats to all who finished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffBliss View Post
    I enjoy seeing a lot of familiar names on that list. I also equally enjoy not seeing some names that I personally hiked and finished with. I'm also guilty of not reporting my successful thru-hike. Whoops!
    ALOT of folks don't report a thru-hike, it's NO BIG DEAL, it's your personal preference. HYOH.

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    I recommend sending in your completion application. Often times, it is the only way that other thru-hikers you met along the way know that you finished. I met some people early on in my hike that I didn't know if they were able to finish the hike. I was glad to see that a lot of them completed the hike when the posting came out. Some people I met had never camped or backpacked before & were able to complete the AT. Pretty impressive! Which goes to show that you can't always judge a book by its cover.

    Congrats to all those who completed this year! Especially my hiking buddy from Austin, Top-O!

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    It seems like some people might have missed the part of my original post (maybe too long) that you have until December 31 to report your hike and still get in the A.T. Journeys magazine listing for 2016. The form is at appalachiantrail.org/ATcompletion.

    Map Man,

    I just updated the numbers a few days ago at appalachiantrail.org/2000milers. Yes, I do think we may reach a total of a thousand 2,000-milers for 2014, but not until January or February. We probably have 50 applications that have come in the last week or so that haven't been entered in the database and don't show up in the numbers above, or the names on the 2014 online listing.

    We basically update the online listing when we can. The current year usually gets updated three or four times a year; other years, much less frequently. That particular page has to be done by our graphic designer, and he also has responsibility for all print and web work done for ATC's many programs up and down the trail.
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    I keep meaning to send that in. Sounds silly, but it'd be a lot easier if there was an online submission as well as a mail-in.
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