• The Groups Button is the furthest green button on the right. It the fourth button over from What's New, the third from Today's Posts, two over from Odds & Ends (which is where the user agreement is) and right next to Donations. Clicking on the button will take you to the page that shows any groups you are part of, any recently updated groups, any recently created groups, and a search groups field.
  • To view New Group Messages, first click the What's New button. Then, drop down one line from What's New to the grey line and move three links over to New Group Messages.
  • Groups can also be reached through your profile. If you have joined a group, it will be listed in the left hand column under friends box. There is also a link in the profile box reserved for groups which says, Join Groups. This will take you to the groups page just like the Groups Button. There are, however, two Join Groups buttons on the left column. The lower one is for joining permissions groups, currently the only one available is the Non-AT Discussion forum. Be sure you are clicking on the top Join Groups.
  • You can view another user's profile and follow the previous bullet.
  • Go to “My Profile” then the My Activity tab and you can follow yours or your friends’ activity on the tabs. If a friend is in a group, look for a post and follow to the group.

That’s five ways to get to Groups.

Mobile apps. I am not seeing that Tapatalk can get into groups, and have a reported issue from an ipad. If you have a smartphone, try a full browser app to get in. We will look into resolving this.