Hey yall!

I will be hiking from springer to Harpers Ferry starting june 3rd. This will be my first major long distance hike and I was looking for some HELP on my gear list. What looks good? What should stay at home? Any suggestions? Below is a list of the gear I will be starting with.


Osprey 50L - 3lb oz
ENU Hammock - 1lb 6oz
Hammock straps - 8oz
Rain fly- 1lb 6oz
Kelty 20 degree down bag- 2lb 10oz
Dry compression sack- 30z
Short sleeping pad- 8oz ( Will I want a sleeping pad for rainy nights in shelters or should I bank on always sleeping in my hammock??)


Pocket rocket stove- 3oz
Cooking cup- 6oz
Cooking pot - 6oz
Bowl and spork - 3oz
fuel can - 4oz


Steri pen classic - 6oz
2 water bottles - 4 0z

Short sleeve t shirt
Long sleeve t shirt
Hiking shorts
Light weight running shorts
Rain jacket
3 pair light wool socks
Long johns - ( good idea? bad idea?)


Dry sacks- 3 oz
Head lamp - 2oz
Knife- 5oz
Pack cover- 2 oz
Bathroom stuff- 7 oz
Guide book
Iphone/ Chargers
coffee filter
sham wow

I know it will be hot. Will I need the long sleeve shirt and long johns? should I do one pair of shorts or two? Any other suggestions on gear are greatly appreciated!