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    Default trails near caratunk, maine

    looking to do a 3-4 day hike starting monday, any idea what the snow depth is currently? any worries about ice at the moment? we talking snowshoes and yak traks or crampons?

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    Check out snowmobile conditions in Maine. The Forks, with Northern Outdoors Center is a snowmobile hub. I think that you will find lots of snow and basically winter conditions abound. Hope you are comfortable with winter camping.

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    Yeap, you'd be much better off on a snowmobile about now. Oh yea, there's another winter storm going to hit us on Tuesday, lots of snow for the mountians. The mountians of central Maine have gotten a LOT of snow this winter and there has been little melting yet. I'd guess there is anywhere from 3 to 8 feet of snow depending on elevation. It is unlikely any of the trails in that area have had any useage. Staying on a trail is going to be a real challenge since it will be difficult to see or find blazes.

    Good luck. If you know what your doing it could be fun but don't expect to go far. If you don't know what your doing, better stay home.
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    If you have snowshoes, the maine huts and trail trails would be nice place to hike. One to the trailheads is up 201. YOu have to pay to stay in the huts but its worth it.

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