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    Some days, it's not worth chewing through the restraints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elii Skeans View Post
    Found this old thread I started almost a decade ago, it is hilarious how many ******** were here.
    So you revived it to hear more?

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    The forum world equivalent of twerking in speedos.....

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    Actually, it was completely appropriate to have this discussion back in 2012. The economy was still recovering from the big 2008 crush. So for a new college graduate with maybe students loans to pay, it must not nave been easy decision to make. I'm curious, though, to find out if he did do the hike.

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    Unless you are independently wealthy start with a good section hike, like Springer to Hot Springs (3 weeks).

    Then, stop and think about it for a while... it will either catch on or not.

    This stuff is not for everybody, especially if you need convincing to do it.

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    There are many ways to spend our time and money in life. If you thru hike then enjoy it and prepare well. If you spend that time taking on other challenges, then take on those like you would a thru hike. Before my thru hike it felt very important. Afterwards it felt like just another adventure and challenge.

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    It's been 7 years...if additional motivation is needed, start a new thread. Closed.
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