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Thread: Duct Tape

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    I put about a foot on each pole during my thru and when I figured I'd try finally try to temp fix a shoe, it was so stuck to itself after being in the elements for so long that I couldn't get even 1/2 inch off without creating a sticky mess. So now I just leave it home. That was the only time I ever tried (or needed) any. I managed to get to the next town and fixed it with shoe goo and that lasted until I found an outfitter in the next town. So I probably won't be bringing any the next few sections and on my next thru.
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    Default Recommended Brand?

    Any brand recommendations - either for hiking use, or at home (boxing up stuff for shipping)?

    Haven't had to use any yet for hiking, but I have not had good luck with the "Duck" brand stuff they sell at walmart - IME, it does not stay stuck to cardboard boxes that I use for shipping stuff from the USPS. Especially if the box has been used before. Same is true of clear shipping tape too. Neither seems to have the sticking power, so I have switched back to masking tape (2" wide, beige) for shipping.

    I still have a ballpoint pen (like Sara) with the silver Duck duct tape wrapped around it. But since it has not been good for another use, I wonder if I should find a different brand to wrap around a pen, or just carry a pack of Tenacious Tape.


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    The quality of the tape matters. I've had problematic experiences with less expensive duck/duct tape brands. It was originally labeled duct tape because it's what HVAC installers once readily used. Duck tape coopted the name creating a brand name. Cheaper duck/duct tape can equal cheaper less effective adhesives, weaker longitudinal strength tape, fewer or no filaments in the tape that give it strength, and thinner tape. These traits make the tape more prone to tearing when trying to unwrap to apply, greater risks of degradation from UV, temp extremes exposures, wetness, sweat salts, etc ..and greater occurrences of adhesives "running." It doesn't adhere as well as better quality duct tapes. Wrapping some $ store or super cheap stuff around a trekking pole or water bottle or folding up some, forgetting about it for a season or so, and then anticipating using it because it's needed you may find it unusable for the goals you intended.

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