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    Post Early March NOBO List needs some suggestions

    Hey gearheads!
    Here's another list in need of a little tweeking and input. Iíve read so much here and around the web and feel like I could read forever... but would much prefer to just start hiking. Iím NOBO on March 12 and trying to finish by end of July so weight and speed are concerns but I am really just trying to enjoy the hike. With that said, Iíve been living on the cheap for the past 2 years to save up enough so that I can invest in nice stuff and still afford the hike (I just wish I still had my prodeals access from a few years back!). I donít have everything bought yet, anticipated purchases are marked with *. Please suggest other brands/alternatives if you have a strong preference! Iím working on getting weights for everything but donít have a scale so am relying on online values.

    • Big 4: 130oz = 8lb 6oz
      • Deuter ACTlite 50+10 [56oz] (going to hack at some extra strap length to trip it down)
      • Hennessey Explorer Ultralite Zip [36oz]
      • WM Apache 15deg down [37oz] (will swap for MH Phantom 32 when warmer[23oz])
        • S2S Silk mummy liner [4.5]

      • Exped Synmat 7 pump (insulated airmat) [31oz]

    • Cook kit
      • Homemade penny alcohol stove (
      • Water bottle for fuel (Heet, probably)
      • Evernew 0.9L Ti nonstick pot
      • S2S Ti Spork
      • S2S Ultralight drybag 20L for bearbag
      • Mini bic
      • Piece of scrubbie
      • *Spectra cord 50ft*

    • Clothing
      • Salomon Fastpacker mid GTX [34oz pair]
      • Wigwam wool socks (2 pairs)
      • Wicking T-shirt
      • MH Phantom Down Jacket [15oz]
      • MH Conduit Rainpaints
      • Wild Things Alpinist eVent Raincoat [14oz]
      • OR Rocky Mountain High Gaiters [6.8oz]
      • Bandana
      • Wicking underwear (*should I go merino instead?*)
      • OR windfleece dome/cap (not sure if it will be warm enough though)
      • *Smartwool NTS merino 250 funnel neck top*
      • *Smartwool NTS merino 250 bottoms* (or just owned UnderArmor tights?)
      • *Wool mittens*
      • *light weight running shorts*

    • Toiletries
      • First aid kit (few band aids, gauze, scalpel, alc swabs, advil, pepsid, Benadryl, moleskin)
      • Toothbrush (sawn off for novelty)
      • Toothpaste (sample size)

    • Misc other
      • Camera [9.4oz w/o bats]
      • BD Cosmo headlamp [3.2oz w/ bats]
      • Journal
      • AWOLís AT guide (in sections)
      • Camel back
      • Gatorade bottle (fill, clean, to camel)
      • Aquamira
      • REI trekking poles
      • Flip flops [<7oz?]
      • Cell phone
      • Compactor bag for pack liner
      • *Pack cover*
      • *Ultralight drybag for my sleeping bag* suggestions on size for the Apache?
      • Sunglasses

    I should maybe end by also saying that I am new to hammock camping and am hoping I haven't missed anything there. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help!

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    That's a crazy heavy sleeping pad. At just about 2 1/2 pounds I'm sure its super cozy and comfy, but how cozy and comfy will it be in your pack? This guy is in your price range but way lighter:

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    How new to hammock camping? I would be nervous about an early March start if you have little experience at that --- in the limited hammock camping I've done, I found it to have more and steeper learning curves than anything else in the world of backpacking, certainly to include "how to stay warm enough without too much weight or bulk carried". Definitely do some shakedown trip(s) or at least nights out in hopefully "worst case" weather scenarios before starting out. Is the exped pad your only "underneath" insulation? Are both sleeping bags full zip bags?

    I think you'll hate having a silk liner inside a hammock at any rate (!).

    Overall a nice list, at least a first glance through, and looks pretty complete (which puts you way above most lists right there I think ... !). Pack is a bit on the heavy side; I personally am biased towards ULA packs, FWIW.
    Can always ask for the gear shakedown and Neel's Gap.
    PCT: 2008 NOBO, AT: 2010 NOBO, CDT: 2011 SOBO, PNT: 2014+2016

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    Hey BrianLe and Maren,
    Thank you for the quick feedback. The pack is a little heavy but I've had good luck with Deuters and my body type (6'3", 170lb, slender). I looked at the ULA packs but was scared off by price and stories of long lead times - this was when I was penny pinching a little bit more.

    I bought the Exped mat with a prodeal a number of years ago and, while heavy, it has an R-value of 4.9. The thermorest model you link to has an R of 3.2. I could use some input maybe on how that compares in a hammock without underquilt at 20 degrees. Silk liner was added as part of the stay warm in a a hammock/sleep layering plan. The Apache is full zip, the phantom is half - you're getting at use as a quilt, I'm guessing? The half-zip isn't perfect but I already own it and the weight is pretty good. I'm planning on doing some shakedowns next week (leaving my job on Friday!).

    I've always used polypro for layering in the past but have heard so many good things about merino (and specifically smartwool). Does anyone have any advice on the smartwool 250 "midweight" gear vs 195 "lightweight"? I do have the down jacket and was considering getting a 195-weight top and 250 weight bottom.

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    Some simple stuff to get rid of are flip-flops, camelback and sunglasses.

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