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    Default CDT Waypoints - official route

    Differentially corrected GPS Waypoint data for the entire USFS "official" CDT route from Crazy Cook to Waterton (plus the Chief Mountain finish) is now available free of charge at . Waypoints average about 1/2 mile spacing, show critical turns, junctions, water sources, etc. A very accurate trail of breadcrumbs to help get you across the country.

    The data was collected by hiking the trail with sub-meter professional grade GPS equipment with post-processing. (It is very accurate) The data will be updated annually to reflect trail changes going forward.

    Jerry Brown (bearcreek)
    Bear Creek Survey Service

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    I also would like to express a Thank you to Jerry Brown and Crew. The work by Jerry Brown and crew for the CDTA alignment is topshelf and a must for those planning a CDT hike.

    I have posted some NEW track files to my CDT web site:

    These track files are a trace of the CDTA waypoints and also of some major alternates. I have a couple of BETA versions being tested right now. My hope is to merge all of the available data sets into a simple file. His waypoint files align with the Out of order track file in most areas. I am using their files to make a master track file and also show the major alternates for each state based off of Jonathan Ley's maps.Finally, I am making a write up describing the steps to load all of this data onto a modern gps.

    If you have the old Jonathan Ley alignment file from a few years back......delete is out of date.Use the New waypoints by Jerry Brown, the Out of Order track file and try out the NEW integrated track files.


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    A page has been added to the website that will be dedicated to map updates and changes as they are noted and resolved. I will leave updates there for a couple of years so people will have the best possible information without having to get another book.

    I just made the first map revision today and put it on the website. There is a confusing area in Montana Segment 5 where duplicate routes exist because of a failure to remove signage from old alignments after changes. I became aware of one such place yesterday and have posted the first correction. Also some notes that might make this easier when you get there. This was brought to my attention by the USFS after they were contacted by Jim Wolf who thought something looked amiss. Thank you Greg and Jim.

    I would appreciate being kept informed when you hike the trail and find something has changed. It is my intention to visit rerouted areas and gather new data each year so a heads-up from hikers would be appreciated. Just let me know the state, segment, and mileages where the reroutes occur and I will try to go there and update it. Even with the demise of CDTA, there will be considerable work done on the trail this year by other entities, so you may find changes.

    The link to revisions is on the main button bar of the website. It is called Map Updates. If you are thru-hiking this year you should take a look at it before you take off.

    Hope to see some of you out there.

    Jerry Brown

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    I just posted a few NEW files on my Google site. 3/16/2012

    Along with the previous CDT alignment files are updates to Montana's track file (BETA3), Wyoming and New Mexico "Possible" water sources, and an Up-dated J. Ley Compass Rose file. The water waypoint files are from the Ley maps and BLM information.

    The Compass Rose edits and additions for the 2012 Ley maps is/are worth a look from any previous year waypoint or spreadsheet file. Please check these two files for any errors, omissions, or additions. Let me know.

    Edits I found and made:

    CO24 New
    CO41 Edit
    CO46 Edit
    MT27 Edit
    NM1 - NM8 These maps no longer have a compass rose. I left the old Lat/Long for reference purposes
    NM14 Edit
    NM38a New
    NM38b New
    NM39e Edit
    NM39f Edit
    NM39g New

    Hike on…..


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    Bearcreek: Which maps would you recommend using along with your data? (I have Garmin Oregon 450, yet will take maps and compass of course). Thanks for this gift you have given aspiring cdt hikers! (I'm one 'o them!). I am planning on starting early in April 2013.
    "Something hidden. Go and find it. Go, and look behind the Ranges. Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you . . . Go!" (Rudyard Kipling)
    From SunnyWalker, SOBO CDT hiker starting June 2014.
    Please visit: SunnyWalker.Net

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    That is like asking Henry Ford what kind of car you should buy.

    The Mapbook waypoints match the books exactly, so as publisher of the books, I am going to say "get the Mapbooks". However, it's a long trail and unexpected things inevitably occur. Since the Mapbooks only depict the USFS/BLM official route, they ideally should be supplemented with other maps as well. When the mapping crew mapped NM we had to skip a segment due to wildfires then returned to finish a year later. Sometimes the Buffalo River in WY is too deep to cross. Sometimes the snow in the San Juans is too deep. Or you might have a moment of madness and decide to follow a ridge or climb a 14'er or two.

    I would say get the Mapbooks and get the Ley CD then create your plan using both. The Trails Illustrated maps are not very good for navigation, but are nice for identifying peaks and showing a bigger picture. You might want to get a few of those for the spectacular areas like the San Juans, Winds, and some parts of Montana. From a hiker's perspective the USFS and BLM travel maps are not particularly useful but they are great for figuring out access id you are being supported.

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    For you SOBO hikers still out there, the NM waypoint files were just updated. I have placed the 2014 NM waypoint files for the "Official" route on the Bear Creek website. Also, waypoint files for the major NM alternate routes can be found there. Books will follow in November for the entire trail and alternates.

    Here is a list of the alternate routes included:
    Columbus - Deming - Gila Gila River
    Walnut Creek direct route from Silver City north
    Old Pietown road walk
    Cebolla Wilderness
    Bonita - Zuni Canyon
    Mt Taylor Summit
    Ghost Ranch

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    Default Tutorial on how to use POI's in Garmin GPS receivers.

    I have received several inquiries from people who have been having problems setting up POI files on their Garmin GPS receivers. Calling Garmin for technical support has not worked out - the tech support people are unfamiliar with POI's. I put together a short tutorial on this that you can download here:

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