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    Default Season Gear Swap

    I'll be leaving Springer on April 25, relatively late for a NOBO thru.

    Here are the clothes I was thinking of taking with me on the hike:
    Two pair poly/spandex compression underwear (C9, Target-brand UnderArmor)
    One pair long thermal EMS underwear
    Two pair Lorpen mid-weight wool sock
    One pair SmartWool PhD heavy wool sock
    One Stoic merino wool t-shirt
    One poly t-shirt (not sure if bringing two t-shirts would be beneficial, or if I could just use one?)
    One poly long-sleeve shirt
    Shorts? I haven't really decided on what specifically yet, though...
    EMS softshell pants
    Mid-weight fleece jacket
    Outdoor Research Elusive (softshell jacket)
    EMS rain/wind pants
    Outdoor Research Mentor (rain jacket)
    REI Thermo nylon/poly gloves
    Wool hat

    I do believe that is it.

    Would I be fine if I hit the trail carrying the short underwear, the mid-weight socks, the t-shirts, shorts, softshell jacket, rain pants, gloves, and bandana?

    Since I live in CT, I was planning to meet up with friends as a day hike (or possibly multiple days, depending if they can keep up/me slowing down doesn't annoy me). I figured I could have them bring the "cold" gear at that point, or maybe bring up spares of something else (like the short underwear, or another t-shirt, etc).

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    Honestly, I think you could lose a majority of the clothing and still be very comfortable. You just need to break it down into two categories: What you'll wear hiking, what you'll wear at camp/sleep. I'm planning a 3 week section in the south starting a week or so after you and all I am bringing(unless there is an unseasonably cold spring): t shirt and shorts to hike in, rain jacket/rain skirt, change of socks..I might throw in a pair of lightweight tights and a windshirt, but my point is that by the end of april/early may the weather is plenty warm during the day, much warmer than in CT. Some people prefer to have a clean/dry pair of clothes to sleep in at night and maybe a light insulating layer for around camp, a lot of this depends on the rating of your sleeping bag. If you get too cold just get in your you can always get in your bag or wrap it around you for warmth. Clothing choices are a personal decision but I think you will enjoy your hike much more without having to carry 8-10lbs of extra clothing. Some people run at different temperatures, just check the weather forcast and you'll know what will work for you.

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