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Thread: What to do?

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    I'm new here, so I'll get right to the point. Some friends and I have been planning a thru-hike for almost 2 years now, only to find out today that they are both bailing on me. This has been a dream for me for some time now and I feel as if it's shattering around me. Anyone know any good groups of thru-hikers who plan on going on this adventure in the 2012 season? Or even point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    Something like this happening can be a letdown, but I really feel that when one thinks about it, it isn't very easy being able to find other's who are willing to undertake a 5 to 6 month thru-hike. Usually, it winds up being something that you yourself have as a dream to complete, and unless you are really lucky and can find friends or family who share that same dream, that same drive to undertake the hike, that same dedication of will and effort, it always seems that for one reason or another, of which there are so many, people a lot of times will tend to wind up backing out of such a huge undertaking. The bottom line is, as other's have said, this may be a blessing in disguise. Actually committing to thru-hike a long trail, such as the AT, is what is going to seperate the truly serious from the not-so-serious. Plan to go anyway. Start out from Springer Mountain heading Northbound sometime around the end of March, beginning of April. There will be many people around, and many hikers just starting out. You will most likely fall in with other's who are just starting their thru-hikes, other's who are dedicated as you are and who are planning to complete their hikes. These are the people you want to be around. There are other's here on Whiteblaze who are looking for hiking partners, or who are looking to communicate with other's about their pending hikes next year. You can also attempt to correspond with them. Maybe you can find one or two others whom you can meet with to begin your hike down at Springer Mountain. I think one of the hardest parts about going solo would probably be just getting down there and beginning the hike. Once one would start hiking, they would most likely be sorry they ever were worried about having to start the hike solo in the first place.

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    They did you a favor by bailing before the start, instead of giving up a day or seven into the journey. Good luck on your hike!
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    I think that this is fine news, agree 110% on the "romantic" notion comment, I tell people that the romance ends about day 2, after a few BIG UP's, maybe some rain, this is hard work, tough conditions, you have to like/love it.

    Better to find out now than on the trail after days, week, 1st X miles when you don't have your trail legs yet. They can join you for some sections if they like, PRESS ON, you will meet a ton of cool people, hike your own hike, have a blast, if it stops being fun consider a change.

    I am a section hiker, have hiked with my son once and some friends for a few days...........I like it better alone. Like doing what I want, when, with whomever or nobody, stop where and when I want to for breaks, lunch, camping, snacks, etc, etc.


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    Better they bailed now instead of part way up when they would be nagging you to quit as well.

    You'll be fine - we're going to be the best (last) thru-class. Remember - the world ends in 2012, so now's the time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hiker View Post
    we're going to be the best (last) thru-class. Remember - the world ends in 2012, so now's the time!
    Usually, Sobos don't have the same time constraint to finish as Nobos ... This changes that!
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