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Maine is a special place to be, but early Spring when most Southbounders start out is less than ideal. Bugs, mud and blowdowns plague the SOBO hiker and the weather can ruin all ambitious attempts. Learn more at www.100milewilderness.info Been there, done that and can help
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How are you all getting up to Maine? Is Bangor the closest airport to Baxter? Im from Texas, so flying is probably the best bet for me.
I used Phil's service this last summer and it was FANTASTIC! he picked me up the 7th of July in Bangor at the Greyhound station, stayed the night at his cabin, and were the second car into Baxter the next morning, the 8th of July (my birthday!!) There are a few sections of the Wilderness that are at considerably low elevation and that's where the bugs were the worst for me, namely around Potaywadjo lean-to (couldnt even stop to have lunch because of bugs, but i did stop at this Spring for a few minutes - possibly the best water source along the whole AT!) Bring a headnet and you should be fine. Remember: dont get into your sleeping bag with 100% deet on your body - it will melt the material (cant be good for your skin... )

SOBO was a dream come true to say the least! I had nearly the same temperatures up until central Virginia, then it got cold! Have a blast, Yall!