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    Default Backpackers Poetry Book

    First I’d like to say that any and all profits from the following book are being donated to the PCTA.
    I thru hiked the AT in '07 as "Lunar" was retagged as "Day-Late" on the PCT.
    I have just published a book of classic poetry geared to backpackers , hikers, and adventure travelers called “Backpackers Poetry”. It contains a collection of poems written by famous poets gathered over several years for reading while I hiked which have been compiled into this book. Poets such as Robert Frost, William Service, Walt Whitman plus many, many more are included.
    I put this book together because I could not find a single good general poetry book to bring hiking – with poems geared to nature, adventure, etc.
    The book is available online at Amazon (see link) in either paperback or kindle format. It is also available at Barnes & noble in paperback and epub format. etry
    A search for “backpackers poety” should locate it if the link doesn’t work.
    Hope a few others enjoy this book and again it is for a cause dear to my heart - the PCT and long distance trails.

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    How cool!

    I'm pretty big into poetry myself. Had this been an Amazon Prime item I would have bought it right now. Instead I'm going to have to save up a bit more spare change.

    Definitely adding to my wishlist though for the future. Thanks for the notice.
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    i would buy it if i had money because a hiker wrote it so it goes into a section of books buy guys i hiked with or heard of like rick mcinney and brian greiverson. but then you had to go and do three things i dont like. no offence, robert servise poems and me only get together once a year when minnesota smiths in town. i tolorate his poetry cause my hikin buddy loves him so i respect that. but inside i lothe the poetry he writes. lothe! and number two you ae selling on my hiking site, and number three its a book of allready wrote stuff instead of you bareing your innards and letting us see whats going on in there. i hope it sells good. im glad you wrote it. but not for me. thanks. i like amature new stuff from guys like me and you. never met a poem in a book i liked.

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