Howdy folks. I am planning to take a 8 or 9 day trip somewhere between the last 2 weeks of Jan or first 2 weeks of Feb of 2012. Trip will be somewhere in the NE, location is still tbd. So far I have a definite one other that will be coming and possibly 1 or 2 others. So I wanted to extend the invitation to anyone here on Whiteblaze that would be up for a winter trip.

Trying to see who all is a definite, and then we can all talk and come to a conclusion on what area/trail we want to do. Tenative plan depending on location would be to start on Friday evening or Sat morning and then get off the trail the next Sat or Sunday.

If gear is your limiting factor feel free to get ahold of me, I have alot of extra gear that we could either share or I could let you borrow for the trip. One thing that will be required is snowshoes, these can be rented if you dont want to buy however.

I know it's a ways off still, but I have to put in my vacation request for that time frame by September 15, so just wanted to put it out there incase anyone else has a job similar to mind that requires requests months in advance.

Come on you crazy winter backpackers, i know some of you have to be interested! It will be a wonderfuly frigid time!