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    So I was really excited to find this since I'm a female and will be 18 next summer. I really want to hike the whole AT I've been doing sections this summer but I know the real experience is doing the whole thing. Unfortunetley I don't finish school until april or may which i know is really late to start hiking but I'd b willing to start wherever someone else was in april or may and then go back to teh beginning later on to finish...Let me know if youd want to meet up?

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    Congrats on having the ability to thru-hike the AT! Hiking the whites will be a great time for you to do some shake downs of your gear-maybe even do a nice weekend hike in the Green mts of Vermont as well. Good luck, have the best gear that works for you, save a few bucks for your trip and enjoy yourself!
    "I told my Ma's and Pa's I was coming to them mountains and they acted as if they was gutshot. Ma, I sez's, them mountains is the marrow of the world and by God, I was right". Del Gue

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