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    I would love to use rechargeable batteries, if I did I would dish out a few extra coin and get because it's kool and would be very handy. 2 sets of batteries to switch out per night would be nice because that lamp only lasts about 5-8 hours which is slightly less than I want but I think I'd be pushing the limits on my charging capabilities needing to charge 2 extra sets of batteries on top of my gps ,water purifier, iphone, etc.

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    That's more reason to skip a rechargeable light. You're already charging a lot.

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    Right now I can recharge everything with power to spare. I would have to do tests but I would assume charging 4 extra batteries would be pushing it. I'll stick to my system that I know works. I love my solar system, it allows me to do things most people can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaftye View Post
    Here's a budget option that puts out as much or more light. Up front I'll state that the biggest problem is the lack of a truly low low, and thus a shorter maximum battery life. That is a big deal if you intend to use it a lot inside your tent, but not an issue if it's used almost exclusively for hiking.

    $16.60 Trustfire Z2

    Skip the rechargeables...

    $1.50 Titanium Innovations CRAA -- slightly dimmer than lithium rechargeable, but lower up front costs. Cheaper than lithium non rechargeable and nimh AA's too.

    $3.54 head strap

    Upfront costs are roughly $20 for a very bright light that has a beam pattern that's great for trail hiking. It has o-rings everywhere, so it should be weather resistant. This light with battery is actually lighter than the lights you asked about, and lighter than the lights I mentioned previously. It supposedly can use a regular alkaline/nimh/lithium AA battery. If you do buy this, remember that the light and head strap ship from China and can take a few weeks to arrive, so plan accordingly.

    Fwiw, I don't have a Zebralight, but I do have this light. Two of them. If the lowest mode was much lower, I'd recommend it without reservation.
    Had the Z2, and it is indeed a good light (and inexpensive) light, though it seemed to have "grown legs," so I just bought a Thrunite TH20 as a replacement.

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