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    When I did CT I wanted so bad to have a fire but followed the rules and didn't, same with NJ.
    It's interesting that NY is sandwiched between CT and NJ AND NY allows fires. It is also interesting that I have found many fire pits in NJ and I saw no trash or issue with them. It would seem CT cleans up quickly after a fire ring is created. I really don't see what the problem is with fire rings, but whatever, CT and NJ are relatively shorter hikes.

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    Thank you for all you do especially your efforts to educate people as to the rationale for prohibiting fires.

    I've got to ask one question though. Just who's recommending disposing of and concealing coals in streams?
    Actually, rafting companies in Alaska will build a large cooking fire on a sheet of steel and dump it in the river claiming it is the mostly environmentally friendly way of disposing the ashes AND they are required to as part of their permits to use the rivers.

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