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    Default Ed Garvey Shelter and Himes Store

    If you are in need of food or supplies at Ed Garvey Shelter, you can go to Himes Store, north of Weverton at 1324 Weverton Rd. 301-834-9815 Map

    Himes Store is down the mountain from the Ed Garvey Shelter. There is a gated access road that begins about 35 yards north of Himes store and extends about 3/4 mile uphill to the AT. The junction w/ the AT is about 1/4 mile south of shelter.
    It isn't marked and is a little concealed but if you're looking for it you'll probably see it.
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    Some trivia about Ed Garvey iShleter is that, prior to its being built, arrangements had to be made for a right of way to allow a septic tank pumping truck to have access to the holding tank of the outhouse as Maryland would not allow a standard privy to be built. I wouldnt be surprised if that road may be the access they obtained.

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