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    I enjoy camping and hiking so I should be on here more now.

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    Hello Fellow Hikers!

    I am from Newnan GA area and have been lurking about on the forum for a while.
    It occurred to me that I should pull the trigger and request to join the forum and glean even more knowledge from recent thru and/or section hikers about several aspects of the sport.

    In 1998, I completed a thru hike of the AT and due to something called life; I didn’t touch the Treadway for another 20+ years.

    My support team/sweetheart/friend/wife says I have been spending an inordinate amount of surfing on You Tube etc. to learn about all the changes in gear and permits and guidelines, etc. She’s been saying I suffer from OCD for 35 years.
    Despite this observation, when I did my thru, my base weight was 30 pounds and load out close to 45. Yikes – that was considered a lightweight backer then – but I must have been a hulk. Finished in Baxter with base of 20 pounds, but still ridiculous…

    Recently, the bug bit me again and I’m ready to resume!
    HOWEVER, about four weeks ago, I weighed 223 pounds (neckid), and was way out of shape. So, I joined WW and have dropped 8 pounds. I need to hit the walking circuit and regain some serious mobility and in short order, I can “do the trail” again…..

    It’s time to reclaim my trail moniker – VIKING – and a lot more.

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