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    Did a quick search for four pines on Google after my recent stay and saw this old review thread.

    After an awesome 20 mile day myself and some trail made friends arrived at the hostel. Joe was more the helpful, he has electrolyte popsicles and drove us to the gas station for pizza and beer. Place is still run by donation only so I have ZERO complaints. Could use a bug bomb every once in a while but so could the trail. Joes smile brightens up the room and makes everyone feel better after a long day. He had funny stories and generosity for the trail. This is a "party friendly" hostel that on our particular night did not turn the lights out until 12am. I was fine with this although I was the one that turned them out, when I did the night owls didn't mind. I would recommend this hostel to the social type, beer friendly person who is not overly concerned with a regimented sleeping schedule. I would say some tenting is allowed in a more quiet spot if you ask.
    Trail Miles: 3,715.9
    AT Trips: 67
    AT Map 1 Completion: 1818.9 Springer, GA - Franconia Notch, NH
    AT Map 2 Completion: 263.8 Gaps From GA - PA

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    When I was there Joe offered to wash laundry for anyone who could beat him cornhole. No one did.

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