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Thread: Parking in MA

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    Default Parking in MA

    Looking to park in Massachusetts for 7 days at Buel Rd mm 1531, Rt 23 mm 1532, or Blue Hill Rd mm 1534. Are any of these locations safe or any private parking nearby allowed and safe? Thanks for any feedback.

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    of the 3 options you presented rt 23 is probably the best. there is an actual parking lot there, a short driveway off the main road up to a lot that could probably hold 10 cars if they crammed in. i think that the lake buel road crossing has a dirt pulloff for a few cars, and there is no safe parking that i am aware of on blue hill road.

    rt 23 should be as safe as any other trailhead - lock up and don't leave valuables in sight and you are probably fine.

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