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    Default Another Winter View from the AT in the Whites

    I did a quick hike up Mt Jackson yesterday. Microspikes top to bottom but a bit breezy at the summit. I was going to extend the hike over to Mt Webster but clouds were coming in and I wasn't in the mood to stay out in the wind. 20240222_104734[1].jpg. I live nearby so I can be picky

    Mt Pierce is behind the tree but you can see the Presidential Ridge looking up to Washington and then over to Jefferson. Clouds were coming in from the west so no Vermont pics but still a good view to the south toward Webster and a hint of the cliffs in Crawford Notch.20240222_104749[1].jpg The prominent summit to the south is Carrigan. It probably has the most extensive views of the entire WMNF due to its location. Definitely a "must hike" for someone planning a trip to the whites from away that tends to be overlooked as its not on the AT and is not above treeline. The summit is a narrow pointed ridge topped with a wide viewing platform with 360 degree views.

    Hiking conditions were still winter with very little sign of meltwater running in the brooks. next week's forecast is a major warmup and I expect the streams will start running and the snow pack will start to "rot". Daily freeze/thaw cycles will melt the snow crystals and then will refreeze them into larger weaker crystals at night. The bigger the crystal, the weaker the bonds between adjacent crystals and that is when the crust starts to break down.

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    Very Nice - thanks for the post
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