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    ^So about that Mohawk reroute... and since CFPA wont respond maybe somebody on here could give some insight...

    So first of all the reroute is obviously because of "Dudley Town" in Dark Entry Forest which has been an issue for years. You may not know but originally the trail wasn't supposed to close. I follow the trail updates and at first it was going to be a temporary closure for a few weeks and then it turned into the permanent closure and reroute. So it almost wasn't closed but no other info on this other then the first trail update that is gone/changed to trail closed. That's the first thing I tried asking CFPA about.

    Now if you look in the CFPA guide book you'll see that almost all of that trail is in Wyantenock State Forest except a small section in the southeast that crossed Dark Entry Forest. The trail is now closed at the bottom of Dark Entry Road but on the other end it's open for a back and fourth to the summit but now I have some big unanswered questions...

    Is Dark Entry Road private and now closed to hikers and if not then can we legally still hike back and fourth up Dark Entry Ravine in State Forest and stop before Dark Entry Forest?

    My friend who is a hunter said bushwacking in state forests is allowed. If this is true can we legally hike up Dark Entry Ravine and then bushwack around Dark Entry Forest and reconnect with the Mohawk staying completely on state lands?

    Why can't they make a new reroute doing what I mentioned above? It wouldn't be long and would stay in the State Forest.

    And the biggest question of all, why wont CFPA respond to me? ... honestly I think they have me on a "do not reply" list by now.

    In all seriousness, this new reroute makes the Mohawk/AT loop not even worth it and that's sad cause it's one of the great few day loops on the whole thing. It was already a bit of road walking on the Mohawk but this one kills it. The saddest part as already mentioned is the spec of land that wasn't State forest and now you have 5 miles of beautiful trail to road walk around.
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