Outdoorgearlab.com made this quote about the Soto Windmaster: "The WindMaster has respectable boil times. With no wind, it boiled a liter of water in 4 minutes. In front of a fan blowing 2-4 mph, it boiled one liter of water in 5 minutes and 46 seconds, for an average boil time of 4 "minutes 53 seconds. In this test, it wasn't the fastest — especially when compared with integrated canister stoves — but it wasn't the slowest either."

I tried the lowest setting. The boil time seemed like an eternity. Perhaps there was confusion between a "boil" and "simmer" setting, or maybe cool ambient temperatures was the cause. Will have to do more outings to determine how low it can go before practically sets in."

I use a Soto Windmaster, a Boundless Voyage 900ml pot (Amazon), and a FlatCat Ocelot windscreen and my boil times are always under two minutes. That said, I'm backpacking in the southeastern US (GSMNP, Cheaha Wilderness, OMSP, etc.) so I'm never above treeline or in crazy cold conditions. We did a quick overnighter last month in Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham, AL last month where the temps dropped to just below freezing but we still hit sub-two minute boil times. If you can find a Sterno Inferno HX pot, the boil times are even a little faster with that pot. I love mine, but the BV 900 pot is slightly lighter and holds more pee so I go with it for the optimized dual-purpose usage.