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    Default Searching an ultralight suspended tent

    Hi everyone,

    I am thru-hiking since 2019 in West Europe's mountains and i'm searching an ultralight suspended shelter less than 1kg (2.20 pounds) to reduce the weight and volume of my backpack. I am allowed to used 3-4 in 1 materials like Gatewood Cape, plastic sheet and hammock for the bivouac, but it makes too much volume and it's not much appropriated when i'm using my hammock, because the tarp is too short to protect it completly of the rain.

    During my reaserch, i found those models whose interested me, but the tents poles and maybe other things makes it too heavy.

    Trekker Hammock Tent 270x140cm

    Relaxation and an incredible sense of freedom! Trekker Hammock Tent 270x140cm is a great choice for the backyard for simple relaxation or for the hiker to go on a hiking trip. Installing an independent tent between two trees is really easy and effortless. This state-of-the-art product comes with...

    I'm also liking the Tentside model but it's too much heavy too.

    UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent (3.0)

    UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent | A Lightweight Tent in The Trees | Tentsile

    There was the Flying Tent model too, but it was too heavy and the poncho was bad concepted with the hammock and not much solid.
    I like the fact you can use it in air on trees, poles and in the ground like a classic tent with a waterproof ground cover as a hammock or an air soil.

    Do you know if ultralight models of those exists ? With using sticks to elevate the tarp like Gatewood Cape to reduce weight than tent poles ? With a waterproof hammock like a ground cover ?

    Thanks to you !

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    Just to be clear, since the translation is a bit spotty, you're looking for a hammock setup that can be used on the ground as needed? And in terms of too much weight and bulk, you're talking about the examples you've included, not the Gatewood Cape and hammock setup, right?

    I think all you need is a real hammock tarp, which can be less than a pound. No, I don't know of a real ultralight "hanging tent" setup like you've described. That is because they are mostly over-engineered to be tents that hang, as opposed to a real hammock setup. ANY regular hammock setup can be used on the ground with use of trekking poles. I don't know of any waterproof hammocks, and I think that's due to the probability of condensation buildup. Most hangers carry a plastic sheet (or tyvek) of some sort as a floor, but I carry a waterproof underquilt protector for the very purpose of going to the ground.

    I would suggest posting on HammockForums.net in order to get more response.

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