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    Default Baxter State Park Sign Auction

    The Friends of Baxter State Park have an annual retired trial sign auction. The proceeds go directly to support the park. Some of them for sale must have contained errors as they look near new while others have been out there exposed to the weather for a while. Bidding ends DEC 1st although they have extended bidding to prevent "auction sniping" to prevent last minute bids from grabbing items.


    Prices tend to jump as the end of the auction nears. I wish I knew if there was a way corelate the numbers routed in the back of the signs with the year they were made. These signs usually sell for far less than the AMC signs that are auctioned off this time of year and generally they are somewhat better known trails.

    MATC does not allow their old trail signs to be sold so Maine Trail signs tend to be fairly rare. As far as I know the famous sign at the top of Mt Katahdin is not sold. I believe the AT museum has a retired one. My speculation is if and when the MATC gets the new trail crew facility built that one will end up there as I guess Lester Kenway may know where there is at least one retired one

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    Man, would I LOVE a copy of the Katahdin sign for Christmas!!! Is anyone planning to make a few for sale? (For Christmas)

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