Looks like my plans are coming along in my life and I will probably be able to hike this trail - Will be my first "Through Hike". Hoping to leave my job in early March and fly out.
If all goes as planned, I should be at the North Rim early to mid May - For those who have hiked this trial NOBO or anyone who is somewhat local - When does the snow/ice generally melt away north or the Grand Canyon? I know each year is different, but I am trying to plan this hike so I can complete in one trip.

Also - If anyone is planning a NOBO through hike around the same time, I would like to find someone to share a shuttle with on my way out - I have yet to book airfare. Will probably book my flight somewhat last minute....not sure exactly when I am going to retire. Should be the first week or so of March, but that could change a bit.


Doug Wise