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    I remember meeting a new hiker in GA that went into REI for a pack, and the salesperson told him he needed 85 liter. So he bought it, and then filled it with gear. By NC he was livid about the whole thing, since he realized he's been lied to. Like others have said, 55 L is generally adequate.

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    At least REI is good about taking returns. I like REI but it isn't a place that caters to long distance hikers which is a small niche market compared to the much larger market of people who go out for a couple of nights and don't mind taking more luxury items that might actually require a larger pack.

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    I've used a Navy sea bag as well as dedicated packs. If you want to be economical getting a good used one shouldn't be that hard. Probably get some education from an outfitter on the right size for you.

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    May help OP and others.
    In your experience what packs of what size carried what maximum weight comfortably for you. Adding your size, weight, or... ,may also be beneficial.
    Me, I just wish I could carry less than 15 lbs. Full load out all the time and so I can stick with the $10 20 liter old school book bag.

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