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    The various reports all included Mt Flume in the itinerary which is considerable "stretch" to a hike but not that much of stretch for a trail runner. Given that she had her mother staying nearby, the assumption was that she would come down Osseo to Lincoln Woods (which has or had zero cell reception). There was always the "death wish" exit down Flume Slide or the out and back to Flume and then back to Liberty and down Liberty Springs trail. What has not been clear is exactly where they started finding the trail of gear that led to her. I had speculated early on that she had summitted Lafayette and had entered the Lafayette Brook Drainage from near the summit while others have speculated that she had made a wrong turn onto the lower Greenleaf trail immediately below the hut rather than going down Old Bridal Path. Given the wind conditions and terrain, its doubtful she was equipped to go above treeline east of the hut in the high winds and that hypothermia was already a factor, so the more likely scenario was turning around and then taking the lower Greenleaf by either a plan or accident.

    Sad to say without more details there is and will be a lot of conjecture.
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