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Thread: Ankle braces

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPritch View Post
    Beat me to it. I had severe ankle turning issues throughout HS stemming from a very bad sprain, that continued into early adulthood. Just hitting the slightest uneven spot and my ankle would roll all the way over and you could hear/feel the tearing.ugh. The balancing on one foot for me was the single most beneficial part of my rehab. I've taken up trail running and hiking since and no more issues.
    Strong believer in this exercise because balance issues started showing up as I aged. Using different leg movements while standing one one foot has strengthened my ankles and improved my balance. Who knows, maybe slacklining is next.

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    Simple and doesnt cost money, I guess thats why we do not hear about it

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    Something that hasn't been brought up is leg length differences. This can cause you to roll your ankle towards the shorter leg. Mine is 5/8". Finding this out explained why I repeatedly roll my right ankle. Using a lift helped, but it was mainly building ankle strength that prevented any more rolls.

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    A little late to this thread but I rolled my ankle really bad in March of this year. Took a couple months to get back to normal. One thing that helped me was a CEP ankle compression sleeve that I picked up at a running store. I think it would be a little lighter than a brace and may fit in shoes a bit better.

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