2023HANGCON - Official Event Posting
Don't miss the 13th Annual HANGCON2023
THURSDAY, JANUARY 12th - MONDAY, JANUARY 16th. The official first day is Friday the 13th, but anyone wanting to come early may come on Thursday the 12th, just be prepared to be recruited to help with setup. If you want to start earlier than that, please stay at another nearby location and come to Sertoma on Thursday after 11:00AM.

Sertoma Youth Ranch
85 Myers Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602

We reserved all half of the campground as well as the primitive camping area and have the Large pavilion , so plan on a weekend of fun, hiking, gear showing, DIY classes, campfire stories and, as always, eating.
CAMPGROUND MAP https://sertomayouthranch.org/park-map/
WHO'S COMING? - Please click the link below to register:

While you are at Hangcon, we provide 2 meals at day: Breakfast and Dinner. You are on your own for Lunch, so plan accordingly. Please check our event schedule for time and be aware that those may change for various reasons, so be flexible. Once the food is gone…its gone.
If you would like to help with food please consider making a donation (with our wholesale account we can really make your dollar go a long way vs super market prices) or volunteer to help serve a meal or help with clean up, which will be GREATLY appreciated.
If you REALLY want to cook something to add to the event’s meal, we ask that you cook it at your site and bring it to the dinning area. Our “kitchen” gets very busy cooking for 300+ people. So our kitchen crew has asked that our cooking area and freezer/refrigerator spaces only be used for the main meals.
Meal volunteers will serve with tongs and/or gloves.

Clean-up After Meals
After each meal: Please make sure you clean up your eating area and take with you, or dispose of, any food containers you brought. This will help to leave the pavilion area in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

Leaving Your Campsite
When leaving your area: Please look around your area before you leave to make sure everything is cleaned up, again, let's leave the campground in the same or better condition than when we arrived. If someone forgot something, take it to the main pavilion and leave it at the registration table.

Cell Phone Coverage
Cellphone coverage at the campground it pretty good. I have never had any trouble getting a call out or sending a text. It might not be super great at streaming a movie, but it will be just fine for most folks.

Free Camping vs. Electric Sites
Most of the camping at the campground is free, but none of the free sites have electricity. If you need electricity on your campsite, there are some RV sites that can be rented through us for $40 per night with power and water. Just send us an email so we can get you reserved. There is electricity at our pavilion where we usually have a phone charging station for charging phones and other electronics. If you do not rent an RV site please do not plug into those power sources because we do get charged if someone does.

Sertoma is a kid and pet-friendly campground, however all dogs must always be leashed or penned. No exception. You may use your own discretion with your children.

Although we encourage everyone to gather around our main fire pit at the center of Hangcon, there are fire pits spread over the camping area. We will have a large (hopefully very large) pile of firewood for the main fire and only the main fire. That is Floridahanger’s pile and only our Resident Fire Master may use it. On the flip side, there will be firewood to purchase at the campground.

There are numerous places around camp to get potable water.

Sertoma has men and women's flush toilets and sinks with running water at the center of camp. They also have both men’s and women’s showers. Please, don’t forget to bring a towel and be courteous with both the facilities and the hot water.

Check-in as soon as you arrive at Sertoma, even before you set up. There will be signs directing you to the Check-In location. There you can be registered and made official. We will also go over any new event info or rules we need folks to know. From there you may go park and set up.
There will be designated areas just past the pavilion to park. Please be aware that there will be a lot of people using the parking areas, so be courteous with you parking job. We DO NOT allow vehicles in the primitive camping area. You may TEMORARLY park at the primitive entrance on the side of the road to unload gear to take to your site. Afterwards we ask that you move your vehicle to the regular parking area as to not clog up the road. Our only courteous exceptions to this are: motorcycles may be parked at your site or if your vehicle is your shelter AND you have reserved an RV site. In either case vehicles can not be parked where they block a potential hang location.
I preface this by mentioning that we are foremost a family-friendly event. The responsible use of alcohol is permitted within the campground for those over the age of 21.

Vendor Sales
Vendors are such a huge part of Hangcon and help make it awesome. In the past, Hangcon has seen some debut items from some vendors. The Dutchware Chameleon was introduced right here at Hangcon. There will be vendors galore both with gear to sell and some that are just here to hangout and enjoy our community. Please, take time throughout the event to show our vendors some love in both word and coin.
If you would like to become a vendor at Hangcon, please email us through the website, send me a private message on HF, or message us on Facebook.

As always, there is no cost requirement for anyone to participate in HangCon. You do not have to pay to come be part of the community and have a good time with everyone. So please, do not let cost keep you home.
That said, a group hang of this magnitude is not free. It is our hope to continue to keep attendance costs at zero for all participants and vendors. But based on past experiences, we expect expenses to run over $10,000. Donations are accepted, encouraged even (really encouraged in fact! And greatly appreciated!!) - recommendation: $10 a day per person. Raffle ticket sales and donations help cover the expenses.
All funds go to the hang. There are no paid staff and any unused funds are used to support Sertoma, and help cover cost for Hangcon 2024.

After Saturday’s dinner, we will hold a raffle. Tickets $5 each or 5 for $20! We are asking everyone to purchase some tickets per attendee to help pay for everything. Tickets can be purchased at the event. We take cash, PayPal (Friends and Family payment ONLY), Venmo, Zelle, Cash App.
Raffle tickets can be pre-purchased through our website or directly through PayPal (Friends and Family payment ONLY): [email protected].
Raffle tickets purchased in advance will be distributed Saturday afternoon. Please include your name as a note with your PayPal submission. We probably don't know your real name or your email address.

Important: the PayPal note must clearly state how much you're allocating to raffle tickets and how much as a donation.

This year we are offering a special deal on those who purchase Super Early and Early raffle tickets.
Purchase your tickets before 11:59pm, October 31st and receive 7 tickets for $20
Purchase tickets between November 1st and 11:59pm, December 31st and receive 6 tickets for $20
You will really want to get in on this raffle. It will be large and awesome with tons of prizes big and small. So, lots of chances to win. Last year, we had 6 large tables FULL of gear to raffle off.

I don't like rules either, but here's what's what to keep things flowing for ya’ll:

In keeping with the Hammock Forums community and our usual vibes, this is a family friendly event. And it's going to stay that way. Please govern yourself in a family friendly way. We ask all political and religious discussions be carried out at another location at another time. Just assume everyone disagrees with you 😊.
This is a hammocking event. We allow tents as a courtesy (and because we’re gonna try to convert them). Pop-up campers, travel trailers, RVs, motorhomes, etc. are welcome too in limited capacity. If there is a special circumstance where you must have one of these please contact us and we will make a call on availability.
Tents may be set up in both the main camping areas and primitive areas where potential hanging spots are not available. Exception: if you need a tent for an infant or an older family member and you are primarily hammock campers then a single tent may be pitched with your setup. If a tent is setup in a location that impedes a hammock from setting up, you will be asked to move the tent.

Please stay tuned for updated postings prior to leaving for the event. Information can be found on our website www.hangcon.com, on the Official Hangcon Thread, and on our Facebook Page.

LET’S GET THIS THING STARTED!! Get those bins out and start staging your gear! How will you know what you want for Christmas if you haven't spread all your gear out in the living room!?