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    Default Near Pine Grove, PA

    Near Pine Grove , PA at 40.547951,-76.147820 is a dirt road crossing the AT. This is FarOut app mile 1211.1.

    Is this dirt road public access? Is it drivable?
    I have a small AWD SUV with 8 ground clearance but not interested in serious off road driving.

    Thank you

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    Now that I’m here I can answer my own question. There is a road, but it is marked no public access.

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    Thanks perrymk. I didn't know the answer but now we all do.
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    I should clarify. It appeared to be a state sign (not private property sign) that said no motorized vehicles. It did not say no trespassing. There is a gate but it was open (not just unlocked but open to pass through) so Im guessing someone has permission to be there, maybe a state employee.

    It looks like a well maintained road and I walked down it 0.2 miles from the trail to the parking area.

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