I'm a senior male hiker who, will be two months past age 65 come this October. I have set the wheels in motion for a SOBO section hike from Duncannon, PA to Daleville, VA (providing my feet hold up). This would be approximately 420 miles, with the hike commencing on October 5, 2022.

I'm a smell-the-roses kind of a hiker (a.k.a. slow) with a good sense of humor and was wondering if anyone would like to amble along. I do not have any deadlines for completion - just taking the hike one day at a time, for better or worse. If successful, this would complete the Springer to Duncannon section of the trail for me, with the section from just north of the Bear Mountain Bridge in NY to Katahdin remaining.

Drop me a PM or comment here if so inclined, and thanks!