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    Default Decathlon & AliExpress Hiking Gear Favourites & Failures |Tents, Backpacks, Clothing

    Decathlon & AliExpress Hiking Gear Favourites & Failures |Tents, Backpacks, Clothing, Cooking etc.

    Watch the full video here:

    In this video we are doing the recent edition of all the newly purchased or upgraded gear that we love to use and gear that we found unnecessary or not so good to use that we won’t pack with us from now on. In the past we have already made similar videos of our favorites and failures gear and all the Decathlon gear where we mentioned a lot of useful stuff that we still like to use. But this time we’ll mention all the recent discovered gear from Decathlon, Aliexpress, and MSR like hiking tents, clothing, backpack, trekking poles and cooking system.

    What do you think of these gear items mentioned in the video? Do you use some of those?

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    Don't these people work? Seems like they only post videos of their travels and nothing else.

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    Probably because most people perusing this forum would prefer to look at backpacking videos as opposed to unrelated work videos featuring hours of C&C machines being programmed to cut metal, but that's just a guess.

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    I'm hard on gear, so I'm not sure that watching reviews of gear from AliExpress is of any use to me.

    Watching the CNC machines at work seems interesting, though.

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    Ive been to the Declathon in Hamburg Germany many, many times. Always buy some useless something. Im still using the inflatable pillow I bought in 2020, right before the lock down.
    I have watched hours of videos of odds and ends getting made. Nails, screws, wire, etc. ASMR to me.
    " 6 bucks and my left nut says we're not going to be landing in Chicago" Del Griffith

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