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    Backcountry Shepard's Pie

    Instant mashed potatoes (any brand, available everywhere)
    Trailtopia freeze-dried ground beef (GGG)
    Freeze-dried mixed vegetables (any brand, Amazon)
    Kate Natural heavy cream powder (Amazon)
    Judy's white cheedar cheese powder (Amazon)
    It's Just! powdered butter (Amazon)
    beef bouillon powder (available everywhere)
    cayenne pepper (optional, of course)

    I mix the veggies and meat together and add just enough hot water to cover them in a ziploc and let them sit for 10 minutes. I do them separately b/c they take longer. I then add everything else, add more water, mixing and adding until I get it where I like it, and then set it aside another 5-7 minutes. Also, the bouillon and cayenne are preferences and for use at your own discretion. Sorry I don't have measurements, but I just wing it every time (never failed yet).

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    Rice and beans with greens. Use freeze dried greens for weight savings and boxes. Kale Spinach or any other fresh green is actually better. Just chop it up so it fits in one of those backpacking instant meals packets and throw in a little salt its good for days if not indefinitely. You can use canned beans right from the store if necessary just drain in the can and rinse if they have a thick liquid. Bring a small can opener. It amazes me how almost no one brings a can opener nowadays.

    Quinoa with greens.Rinse and soak it. Can put tempeh or even mushrooms if so desired. Adobo or salt, pepper, garlic and oil for tempeh seasoning.

    For breakfast, oatmeal with chia and the least processed sugar as you can find. Feel free to add walnuts, hemp, pecans, blueberry, banana. Thats serious fuel and takes almost no time to cold soak.

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    My only main meal is tuna creations. 3 per day, 1 for lunch and 2 for dinner. There are also packets that have noodles or rice and beans added in, I really like those too and only require 1 of them for dinner and 1 for lunch. Throw in some combos and you have a tasty dinner with some texture. No stove for years now, it just reduced so much....The stove kit, transporting fuel, resupplying fuel, wait time to boil water, reduction in safety concerns, the extra water for boiling a meal, there is a lot that goes into having "hot" food and the reality is I dont miss it one bit. I eat my tuna on trail and look forward to townfood!
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    Quote Originally Posted by garlic08 View Post
    Muesli, mixed in a bag outside the grocery store, with rolled oats, walnuts, and raisins.
    Muesli bought at town stops as rolled oats, dried milk and random daily mixture of available raisins, craisins, dried or dehydrated fruit, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, and pecans (mixed with cold water).

    Instant plain potatoes mixed with lots of milk and butter along with packaged gravy mix and smoked sausage.

    When using long simmering stove: Zatarains red beans and rice, extra peppers, and smoked sausage.

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    Instant mashed potatoes with Fritos and olive oil.

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    Knorr pasta side dishes, sometimes with cooked chicken in a pouch added. Most commonly this Alfredo Broccoli.


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