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    Default Dog Sledding Katahdin

    After our first real hot hiking weekend up in the whites I thought this article about an individual's attempt to get permission to be the first person to take a dog sled up Katahdin may be of interest.


    A few comments, Skiers have skied up to the summit, usually from the north well before BSP was a park. Skiers can deal with steep slopes using outright climbing with skis on pack, skins or herringbone techniques. I am not aware of what options dog sledders have for steep slopes.

    BSP is mostly a designated Wilderness and Game preserve (with the exception of the SFMA in the north end of the park). Pets including dogs are banned. The donor of the park was a dog lover, he was a past governor and when one of his dogs died while he was in office he had the state flag flown at half mast. He stated clearly in his writings that pets were not to be permitted. in the park. Recently the park has allowed official assistance animals to be used in the park and that right has been abused by some hikers.

    The Deeds of Trust that controlled the transfer of the property to the state guardianship is pretty specific that the state has to follow the Deeds "forever", if interpretation of the Deeds is needed (as in the case of emotional support animals) the BSP commission is the governing body to interpret the Deeds taking into account the donors public and private writings and discourse if needed. The governor of Maine is not on the BSP commission and while her opinion is welcome she does not have vote. In the past when the commission ruled on park policy outside groups have sued the BSP commission as acting against the Deeds of Trust.

    BTW despite the unusually hot weekend there is still snow on the ravines in the whites and the AT still has to cross a steep snowfield near Mt Jefferson.

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    It's a stunt to promote his business.
    Only service dogs allowed.
    It's been done.
    Puts Rangers and rescuers at risk.
    Request already denied by the Park director.

    "[ATers] represent three percent of our use and about twenty percent of our effort," retired Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell.

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    Yes, please keep stunts like this off the mountain.

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