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    Default slackpacking partner

    started my hike at Springer (I/25)... got to the Smokies and President's Day slipped on ice. Hiked the 30 miles out with broken ribs and now am at home healing. I want to get back out and can hike but can't carry pack until I heal completely. It's a long shot but looking for hiking partner to do slackpacking in segments maybe PA-MA in the next few weeks (possibly using cars and doing approx 15 miles/day). Not the hike I wanted, but need to do the entire trail this year. ???? Liminial (a transitional or initial stage of a process)
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    I'll let you read my post and decide if we can connect. I have my Maryland section planned out already, just looking for a slackpack option and nice weather. I actually went to look at a scooter yesterday to self-shuttle but it fell through.

    Slack pack the AT partner (whiteblaze.net)

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    sent you a pm.

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