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    Default Overnight camping in Pawling?

    2 weeks or so ago I saw a news story that said Pawling NY was permitting? allowing? overnight camping. Since only White Blaze can be trusted to get such a technical matter right, I'll ask here: Is Pawling welcoming overnight camping? One night, I think the story said. Anyone with recent positive or negative experience?
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    Cool For what it's worth

    Here's a photo from 11 years ago

    The 2021 Whiteblaze guide states, "No pets. Town allows hikers to camp in the park for one night only. Located one mile from the center of town. Restrooms"

    This page is where you'll find email & phone for the ONLY answer that matters:
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    Edward R. Murrow Memorial Park, at 142 Lakeside Drive in Pawling. Overnight camping is allowed for hikers and is free.
    There is a pavilion with power, picnic tables, lots of flat grassy areas for tenting, bathrooms with running water/soap dispensers/paper towels!, and an outdoor 'rinse' shower (cold water and you have to hold the handle to keep water flowing).

    It is located 2.5 - 3.0 miles from each of the three trailheads in Pawling (not the most convenient). It is about 1.0 mile from the town center - laundromat, post office, CVS, gas station, delis, bakeries, pubs, pizza, etc - and there is a sidewalk pretty much the whole way, so its a fairly easy, safe walk. (regular grocery store is another 2+ miles the other side of town from Murrow).

    Some hikers find their way to the park first, set up, then walk the round-trip into town for laundry and food. Others start in town (walk, hitch or shuttle/taxi), take care of laundry, food, and then walk out to the park.

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    Thanks for the detailed answers.
    I confirmed today (Sunday July 17) with the contact given by Golden Bear, that a night of camping is allowed in Edward R Murrow Park
    Today at 3 PM the showers were open but the toilets were locked.

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