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    Default Looking for June 2022 Pawling NY NOBO Flip Floppers

    Iím scheduled to hit the trail in Pawling NY on June 11th heading north to Katahdin. Would love to connect with anyone else who has similar plans.

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    I do trail magic in the area and provide shuttles and other assistance to hikers. By June 11 of 2021 a pretty steady stream of early NOBOs from Springer and FFs who started in HF early May were coming through this area, so I was seeing 10-20 most days at my trail magic. Keeping up with them could be an issue (! depending on your speed as they will mostly have their 'trail legs'), but you will most definitely be in the company of other hikers.

    I am located very close to Pawling (local area PawlingNY - KentCT), so if you find you need any assistance getting to the trail (or anything else that comes up during your hike through CT), feel free to get in touch! Find me on the WB shuttle provider list at mile 1452.6

    Best of luck on your hike!

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