I currently have a 20* down UGQ quilt(25oz) and a DIY apex 2.5oz quilt for summer time (50*?)

I kind of jumped into the 20* quilt knowing nothing about quilts. I feel like it is slightly to warm for me and I wish it would pack smaller. I end up bringing it just about every trip no mater what the temps because it is the lightest quilt I have currently.

my DIY 50* is nice and Ive had it out a few time at 50* and it has kept me plenty warm. I kind of screwed up the measurements and made it too short. I am a snuggler and I can't pull it over my head and have my feet covered at the same time. lol.

Ive thought about making another synthetic and using 3.6oz insulation. RipstopByTheRoll kit comes with 3 yards. Ill probably use the whole piece.. maybe tapper it slightly? I am trying to duplicate my Army Surplus Poncho Liner, I love that thing its so big (83x62) but it is almost 30oz!

Anyhow, to offset the weight of the heavier insulation I was thinking about using some of the really thin nylons, .56oz, .66oz, .75oz?

I notice most boutique quilt makers use .7 or 1.0. what are your feelings about the really light fabrics? I guess even if I used 1oz per yard (no taper) I would be at 3oz inside + 3oz outside + 10.8oz insulation (3.6x3)= 17oz plus 1 or 2 for stitching? should easily be under 20oz. But how small will it back?

Anyhow just some random thoughts and ramblings...

In Short, Id like to go synthetic, pack small, keep me warm from 30-60*, weight less than 25oz.