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    Default Bald Mountain Shelter and No Business Knob Shelter

    Planning on doing a weekend section between Sams Gap and Erwin, TN, in the coming weeks.

    Was looking for any info on Bald Mountain Shelter and No Business Knob shelter, planning on shelter hopping.

    Water sources, general condition of sleeping platform, privy, fire ring, bear cables/box, picnic table, tent sites at shelter, etc.

    Thanks in advance or your help.

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    My info is a little old (about 2 years) but maybe it'll help.

    First off, neither shelter has a privvy.
    I doubt either has bear cables/box.
    Guthook reports the water source at Bald Mtn Shelter is fine.
    There's a campsite less than half a mile north of the shelter, with a water source.
    The water source for No Business Knob is south of the shelter.
    Lots of space around No Business Knob for tents/hammocks.

    Other things to note:
    * Good water sources on this route - until you're north of No Business Shelter. Be sure you've gathered all the water you need between there and Erwin.
    * I've hiked Sams Gap north to Spivey Gap twice. Both times, Big Bald kicked my ass.
    * The last few miles down toward the Nolichucky River are challenging - because you can see your destination yet it seems to take forever to actually get there.

    Have a great hike!

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    Been a while since I walked the section.

    Bald Mtn shelter is always in good shape. No tenting next to shelter. Sites at most gaps, balds, and north of shelter. I advise staying off the balds as the wind can be harsh. Some good drops down to 19W. Big Bald climb and Whisting Gap to the big rock are about the only challenges.

    NBKS is a typical USFS concrete shelter. My TEHCC friends keep it top notch for what it is. There are some flat areas around the shelter. Only one big climb on the way to Erwin

    A lot of the tread is hillside between Devils Creek Gap to almost near Erwin.

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