Good afternoon,

Long time lurker – hoping to tap into some of the expert opinions on a trip I’m hoping to plan in mid-late May of 2022.

Idea is for a 3 day 2 night trip, starting at Twentymile RS.

First night plan is to hike to 113 and camp, second night to 13 up on the Bald, Day 3 hike back to trailhead.

A few questions for those who know the area:

--Will 113 be overrun with thru-hikers? Am I better off camping at 92 the first night?

--4 of us, my wife and brother are experienced, brother is taking new wife, who is not (but up for the adventure and in good physical shape). Any “beware” things I should know (minus Bears)?

Grateful for any trips. Have only backpacked in GSMNP once, and it was just an overnight near Rabbit Creek. First multi-day here, so just trying to think it out.