Just completed section hike from I40 to Spivey Gap.
Hurt ankle and blisters last day down from Big Bald.
We started Monday October 25 and finished Tuesday November 2nd.
Lots of SOBO's going to their finish in GA. I figured we saw over 70 SOBO hikers.

Ratio about 2 men to 1 women.

Met thru hiker "Twig" she was finishing up her triple crown hike.
Apple was at the Brown Gap giving candy bars, Soda, Water.

Hot springs is a great hiker town.
We used Rogue as a shuttle driver.
Sayed at laughing heart hostel.
Ate dinner in town - next to the stream.

Met thru hiker "Lifeguard" but she was walking slow that day.

We stealth camped up near Big Bald on Wolf Ridge ski resort - night and bad weather.
Were told to leave the next morning by their private security.

Big Bald views were great the clouds had blown off.

Lots of high winds, blow downs and rain - leaves and mud all over to make things a bit slick everywhere.