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    Default Q's about the FKT site since the sale

    Since the sale of FKT to Outside, I find I'm not such a fan of the podcast any longer.

    I also heard there was an FKT on the PCT set this summer. I went to look and there is a new one on the site but the track that was shared on there was very thin, with I think 166 pings via garmin with some times gaps of several days between pings.

    I also didn't see the initial "announcement" of it.

    Are FKTs still being verified? Does anyone know?

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    I would like more Intel on this as well!
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    I just love Corporate triple-speak announcements. " to the Outside ecosystem and integrating our advanced mapping "

    And to the OP, "verified". always seemed to be a matter of speculation. Some well known FKT people let the prior record person know, sometimes had them help at least for a time, sometimes kept great GPS tracks, sometimes published those tracks (can lead to issues) while on the mission, sometimes announced the attempt publicly, sometimes they announced/vanished/published the track/photos after they finished.
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