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    pretend you're blind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf View Post
    pretend you're blind...
    Lone wolf think you might be right
    My love for life is quit simple .i get uo in the moring and then i go to bed at night. What I do inbween is to occupy my time. Cary Grant

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbs View Post
    Didnt expect a comical reply thank you. Point blank how many of the rest of the class are saying cut the $%^ to them. Thats not sterotyping Plus were you on IG when the ATC posted about the paintings on the tree. People against it brought up the sticks and rocks former Thru hikers. Most of this class thinks its ok. Its not ok its not.The one person thts made a public plea if I read his message correctly is ODIE. I dont see Anything on social media. ANd yes the FB Class page is just egging the crap on. I saw one hiker call out this years class on the page due to Post clinton Trash being left by hikers. SO we no longer call out hikers or just turn the blind eye to garbage?
    No, I wasn't on IG I'm too old...I also don't read picture books. It's like Twitter wasn't short enough so they came out with IG. You are equating what people say in cyberspace to IRL. And you are assuming the WHOLE class is signed in to whichever social media sites you are on. Never mind you got multiple sites for a class even on the same platform like FB. How big was your High School? Did you know everybody in your school? How about even your grade? Shoot I went to school with 400 people in my grade for 5-6 years, I couldn't tell how half of them might respond to whether we should have pizza on Fridays. Forget about the other 1200 kids. My high school population would be on the small side for a thruhiker class. Do you ever think that maybe some folks eschew that nonsense altogether even? But you keep ascribing an opinion to them like you know them.

    Paint-with-a-broad-brush meaning(idiomatic) To describe a class of objects or a kind of phenomenon in general terms, without specific details and without attention to individual variations.
    "Sleepy alligator in the noonday sun
    Sleepin by the river just like he usually done
    Call for his whisky
    He can call for his tea
    Call all he wanta but he can't call me..."
    Robert Hunter & Ron McKernan

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