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    I check whiteblaze about once every six months. I, personally, don't find much educational value in the posts anymore. It's all fireside chat, which is okay. But for current trip repots, gear advice, or just staying current with hiking news/info... whiteblaze is far behind other resources.

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    Like it or not but the “golden age” of thoughtful resourceful conversation has been replaced by a medium that doesn’t require it quite frankly.
    The drop off in participation began years ago when older boomers have rhetorically “folded their tents” for old times sake and gone away.
    Others, like myself have become lurkers more so than partipants. I have little to offer of substance but enjoy looking through the site for articles and photos of interest.

    Its been mentioned,but bears repeating that today’s information driven vehicle is one which doesn’t lend itself to in-depth scouring for answers. New generation hikers probably have little patience in this type of format opting for a search engine ; ie Google for quick answers. The rest of this forum is more conversational which I feel isn’t for everyone.
    Getting lost is a way to find yourself.

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