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    Default WTB: Gregory Hip Belt Extender

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a hip belt extender for my Gregory Paragon 58. After talking with customer service at Gregory, they do not make them anymore, especially since they planning to offer a range of packs for larger-sized people over the next year or so. I have tried other manufacturers to see if someone could make me an extender, but because of the proprietary/patented buckles, none are willing or able. I have spoken directly with the warranty repair company who Gregory works with, per Gregory customer service's recommendation, but they would charge me $65 to make it and they weren't 100% sure if they c/would be able to do it. I am hoping someone would have one they no longer need, and/or are willing to part with, for a reasonable price. I'll even take/buy just the hip belt buckle (male and female components) off of a pack someone may be considering tossing... if that would ever even be a consideration. Anyway, please and thank you! -Eliza (Moose)

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    fwiw------years ago, like 20 years ago, i needed a gregory hip belt that was smaller than what came \
    with the pack.....

    i went to a couple of outfitters seeing if they sold the belts...

    they didnt----but one outfitter had a box of various belts......

    and that's how i got one that was smaller than the original for free...

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    at REI they have various clips and buckles to repair backpacks. I bet you could make your own! I bought a 1" hip belt replacement that I use for a belt for my swishy hiking pants.

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