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    Default Zaleski Backing Loop and Moonville Tunnel, South Ohio

    Ive always heard rumor of a "non official" side trail to the Moonville Tunnel that spurs off of the South Backpaking Loop at Zaleski State Forrest in Ohio. Anyone have any info?

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    I did my first real overnight backpacking trip at Zaleski back in 1975. You can access the tunnel on the new Moonville Rail Trail. I don't know for sure if you can access it officially from the backpacking trail. If you go past the cliffs with the view of the tunnel to the abandoned mining town the rail trail is close. You could probably bushwack to the rail trail if the area isn't underwater. That area has a wet land and sometimes even the backpacking trail is under water. I haven't been there for awhile even though I live close by. You raised my curiosity and will have to check it out some day.
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