I was looking for some warm - but not too warm - winter pants for snowshoeing and XC skiing, and I couldn't resist trying the Northbound Gear Adventure pants. You've probably seen the ads, with the water running off the pants while a handsome, rugged outdoorsy guy tromps through the woods. They looked just right, and even though I was leery of buying sight unseen, I bought a pair.

Good stuff!

They appear to be well made, good stitching, good zippers, etc. They're very stretchy (almost feel like a wetsuit), with a light fleece liner, and the water runs right off just as advertised. I did not take a knife to them, but they do seem pretty tough. Super comfortable - I wear them indoors and out. Probably too warm for most hiking, but just right for winter temps of 0 to 40. Imported from China via Canada, so shipping takes a bit longer - mine took 3 weeks to get here. Sizes run a hair large, but not so large that I have any experience with returns.