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    Quote Originally Posted by nsherry61 View Post
    Abhor may not be quite the right word, but they have.

    There are at least two things widely used by hunters in bear country when one has to make multiple trips, often over a couple of days to carry out a large kill like a moose. But when backpacking, most of us don't want to carry a 1/2 lb of pepper to dump all over our tent before we pee on it and crawl in for safe night's sleep with our food.
    Yeah, that doesn’t sound practical or pleasant

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    Here is my rant with them......they don't seem to stock anything. Everything seems made to order and the leadtimes on their website are very optimistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illabelle View Post
    that was supposed to be a big grin!
    what happened to the emojis??
    Given the context, I thought :d meant “tongue in cheek”.

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